This service encompasses a wide range of shoots. Though my focus is equine photography, I'm also able to do couple's shoots, engagement photos, family portraits, etc. For equestrians, you tell me what kind of photos you would like, and you can certainly do more than one- horse only, horse and rider, photos while riding, etc. Payment is by the 1/2 hour and that time starts at our agreed meeting time and continues through any outfit/tack changes or other things that need to be done during the shoot. 

$40.00 per 1/2 hour​

- includes 4 photos chosen by client

-additional photos: $5.00 each

Black Backgrounds:

Black backgrounds are a beautiful way to showcase your horse whether it be for yourself or a sales ad. The fully black background comes from editing so these photos will take longer to be ready than others. The requirement for this shoot is a doorway which your horse can stand in. Payment is by the 1/2 hour and follows the same policy as portrait shoots. 

$55.00 per 1/2 hour

-includes 1 photo chosen by client

-additional photos: $10.00 each

Show Photography:

I often go to shows just for fun and to practice my skills, and since I'm not an official show photographer, I don't sell the photos I take there. However, I post albums from shows on my portfolio website where you can view them and see if I got a photo of you. If you find ones you want, you can either message me on social media or email me. My instagram ( also has information about what shows I'll be at and when. As of right now, these photos are free. This is subject to change, but my current policy is that I will email you JPEGs of any photos you want and if you post them on anywhere online you must give me credit. 

Custom Shoot:

If none of the above services match what you hope to get out of a shoot, that's okay! Please don't hesitate to contact me so we can discuss what you want and how I can make that happen for you. Rates are most likely going to be the same or similar to that for a portrait shoot, but that isn't guaranteed.